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Branding Case Study – Wren & Sparrow

Wren and Sparrow is a wild bird enthusiast retail store that specializes in backyard birding and outdoor lifestyles. They came to Metro Nova Creative to help create a brand that would instantly create a level of professionalism and trust in their market from day 1 of their retail store opening.

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Wren and Sparrow Case Study
Wren and Sparrow Case Study 2
Wren and Sparrow Case Study 1

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Transcript of video


Hey, what’s up, Dan from Metro Nova Creative. And today we’re going to do a case study on Wren and Sparrow, and the identity that we put together for them. Wren Sparrow is a local retail business here in downtown Fredericksburg. These two wonderful ladies, Lisa and Amy are backyard birding hobbyists, and they’re crazy about birds! And so through kind of this lifelong passion of theirs and this shared joy, they decided to create a retail business that focused on providing goods and supplies to other people who enjoy birdwatching and just kind of outdoor local wildlife.

They actually chose Metro Nova Creative to do their logo and their identity design after a couple of really bad failed attempts to use one of those online places, I won’t say the name, but I think we all know who we’re talking about. But after a few failed attempts there, they actually just did a local Google search for logo designer, and we popped up pretty high on the list. And they had actually scheduled a few meetings with a few different companies in town. We were just lucky to be the first one. They walked into our office, they met us, they met me, they sat down, we shook hands. They saw some of our stuff just kind of who we are. And I think as Lisa put it, she just knew right then and there that we were the right call. And they actually canceled the rest of the meetings for the day and signed a contract that day. So it was a really great opportunity. And we were just so happy that we got the chance to show our nerdy selves and get to meet them and know them in person

Some of the things that we did for them were logo design and our identity package. And so we actually presented three or four different concepts. And with all of our logos, we hand draw everything. We get a lot of imagery from our clients that helps us understand kind of the feel that they’re going for, what’s the brand that they want to develop. And so we burn through a bunch of concepts. And we actually ended up hand illustrating a Wren and a Sparrow. And the reason they went with that name is because Lisa is shorter and Amy is very tall. And so it’s just kind of a cute call to the founders there. So we actually hand illustrated a Wren and a Sparrow, and just kind of really wanted to make sure that it looked professional and clean, but it’s inviting, especially in a retail environmen.

Context and Challenge

With Wren and Sparrow I think the biggest challenge for these two clients was that they’re a brand new business unheard of in the area. They’re literally are jumping in with both feet and just opening a business and going in order to go all in like this and be successful right away.

Process and Solution

They needed somebody that’s going to put together a professional logo and a professional identity so that they can build trust with their market with the consumers right away. They looked professional immediately from day one. As soon as the doors opened, the logo and all the materials inside that had the logo on it, shirts, stickers, signage, everything. They looked really solid. And when you look like a professional and you look solid and you’re well put together, people that might not think twice about you will actually go, oh, yeah. This is like a real business, like, let’s go check this out. And so that was really important that we got that right immediately. Another thing that we did because they’re a pretty silly bunch. They’re fun. They needed help with coming up with the tagline, just kind of chatting and getting a feel for the vibe that they wanted to put out for their business. I came up with the slogan, this place is for the birds. They fell in love. It’s on the signage. The customers all love it. They say people come in and will open the door and just get a little chuckle about the sign. This place is for the birds. It’s great. So we love good corny, puns and dad jokes in our shop. So the challenge is that they needed to be instantly recognizable, they needed to look professional so that they instantly set up a place for themselves in the market.


We accomplished that and got them pointed in the right direction. They look like a Corporation. They look like a franchise. They’re super on top of things, and they’re doing great. Just the sign up front that looks professional with the branding on it. They’re like, we get so much foot traffic just because of the logo on that sign. So we’re just so happy that we had a successful project for them.


So if you have any questions or you’re interested in a logo design, feel free to reach out and hopefully we’ll get an opportunity to work together.

I’ll talk to you later.