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Whether you are creating a direct mailing to boost your own business or working with a customer to create a printed piece for their campaign, it’s important to make every printed piece as effective as possible. That’s why we’ve collected eight ways that you can get more out of your mailings.

1. Start With A Purpose
Build your campaign around one central message, a big idea to grab your audience’s attention. Whether they need to know that you are now offering a new product, that you’ve got a seasonal sale coming up, or just that you’re thinking about them over the holidays, having one focus for your direct mail piece can help you from getting too much information on your mailing.

2. Fill it with a Photo
Postcards should be eye-catching, so be sure to include high-quality photos or other striking images, graphics and colors.

3. Keep Your Message Simple
Postcards can say a lot – especially the over-sized variety — but try to keep your message simple. It’s still a postcard, after all, not a novel. Pretend that every word you write is costing you an extra $100.

4. Keep Your Headline Short
Direct mail is more inspirational than informational—after all, it’s for generating leads and not closing sales. Don’t try to explain everything about the product or sale you’re promoting, but make sure that the recipients of your direct mail efforts have multiple ways to contact you.

5. Think Multi-Use
If you want your mailing to have additional impact, consider letting it have a secondary purpose. One example would be using a postcard as a coupon for a discount on a new product or an invitation to the grand opening of a storefront. This secondary purpose encourages customers to keep your mailing around.

6. Remember That There Are Two Sides to This Story—And the Page!
When you’re creating a direct mail piece, don’t forget that there are two sides to your document. Using both sides gives you double the real estate, and can give you the chance to emphasize a specific image or headline. For example, if you’re creating a postcard the non-address side should feature eye-catching images or a splashy headline, while the other side should include a special offer, your contact information and other details.

7. Make it Timely
Direct mail pieces are ideal for timely messages, so it’s important to think in those terms. Are you offering a special offer for the season or trying to build enthusiasm for a new product? Direct mail is a great way to get that message out there. And, while you’re making it timely…

8. Encourage Quick Action
Give customers a good reason to act now, like a deadline or a limited time offer. This will make your message stick because your customers have a deadline to follow.


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