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A Strong Logo Design Matters

What the Brand?!

Is your company standing out, or standing back?

Author: Josh Hastings – Contributor; Check out my blog Money Life Wax

You own a small business.

Or…maybe you are in charge of marketing for a company. Someone wants to know more about your company and they don’t have time to read the about me section. Does your brand answer their questions? Is your brand, specifically your logo recognizable? Are you distinguishing yourself from the crowd?

Brands and Logos help you stand out.

The definition of a logo is, “A symbol or design used to identify an organization and their products.”

Let’s face it – the internet is very crowded place. Imagine 10 people squeezed into a two door coupe. Got the image?

Now multiply that by 100 and that is the internet. A simple google search will net millions of results in fractions of seconds. Seperating yourself from the rest is challenging enough as it is.

Social media, internet searches, website design, mobile friendliness and so on, are all factors business owners are confronted with daily in order to keep their business ahead in the digital era.

Throw in the fact that competing with your presence is also time. As attention spans and time seemingly decrease daily, having a recognizable brand is more essential than ever in the current digital world we operate in. According to the Branding Institute,

“the most influential method of marketing is seeing or hearing about a brand on social media.”

Strong Logo Design Matters 2

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In 2018 the goal is not transactions, it is getting back to interactions – the foundation of all business.

A custom, modern logo does more than brand your company – it lets people feel like they are part of the company. Meaningful interactions with your audience are simple when you have a brand that is recognizable, creative, and flat out awesome!

For starters, here are a few questions to see if your brand or logo helps you stand out –

  • Does your logo spark curiosity?
  • Does your logo leave a lasting impression?
  • Does your logo look like it belongs in the 21st century?
  • Is there message clarity aka do people know what your company does?

When creating a logo it is absolutely vital to consider the questions above. The white swoosh – Nike, the white apple – Apple, the red bulls eye – Target, and so on. You catch my drift… a logo creates a brand, a brand creates a recognizable and RELATABLE company.

People want to feel like they are apart of something. There is no coincidence that breweries and obstacle races are popping up all over the place. People like belonging. And your brand can do just that.

Traditional standards like great workmanship, quality service and more, are still effective. These foundations are still essential for all great companies. However, a brand takes the traditional business and ties it all together.

Strong Logo Design Matters 3

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While many companies focus on the what, a brand allows people to focus on the why! Why, they should work with your company.

Either way you slice it in 2018 it is all about web presence. Your logo and brand command respect… or they get overlooked.

Just don’t be the latter!

I hope this article helped with the importance of establishing a strong brand. At the simplest form a logo represents a brand. However, a brand is much more. Brands tell stories and diffuse even further into content and the product delivered. Every great building is built on a solid foundation – and that foundation is your logo.

Feel free to get some input on your logo and find out if it is attracting the attention your company deserves! And see if you can take advantage of our identity package to really hit the ground running. Contact us for more information!

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