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Phenom Surgical provides healthcare facilities with highly trained Surgical First Assistant and RNFA’s for contracted periods. The client needed an Amazing Medical Business Rebrand which included a new logo, website, and marketing materials that would showcase their abilities in front of prospective medical facilities.

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Amazing Medical Business Rebrand Marketing Materials
Amazing Medical Business Rebrand graphic
Amazing Medical Business Rebrand Web Design
Amazing Medical Business Rebrand Website

What were the challenges the business faced?

Phenom Surgical had survived with a DIY approach to their branding up to this point. They felt that the logo and website weren’t a great representation of their abilities. There were times the staff didn’t even share the website in meetings out of concern for it swaying the decision to a “no”. The client was ready to grow the business to the next level and needed new medical branding and a custom medical website design to help them.

Why did this challenge have a significant impact on the business?

There was concern that they were missing out on opportunities because the quality of the branding wasn’t on the same level as their prospective clients such as major hospitals and surgery centers. In order to get in front of and win contracts with larger clients, Phenom Surgical needs to look the part. The current branding and website design weren’t cutting it.

How did Metro Nova Creative address the initial challenges?

We took a look at the level of branding from the clients they had that matched the clients they wanted. We understood that the logo and deliverable designs needed to be modern enough to stand out in surgical circles, but feel conservative and reliable to impress decision makers. The website needed to be completely rethought from a user experience perspective. Surgical schedulers that would need to find a reliable assistant pool need to have a good experience and be able to build trust in our client. Another portion of the project that needed to be executed and perfected is the form to book an assistant. It was cumbersome and confusing in the previous website. We built a new request form and placed it on each surgical service page so it would be easy to find no matter where the user was.

How has the project helped the business after completion?

We got to see an immediate resurgence of excitement from their staff about the new branding which creates new motivation and pride in their work. Internal branding is incredibly important in an office environment. The best outcome however, was when the CEO of a major hospital announced to the client that they’re the type of vendor he wants to do business with, after seeing the new website a day after we launched it.

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