60’s Design Love


60’s Design Love

Retro Work Built for Modern Eyes


Today’s creative industry has become so overloaded with talent, that some designers are going back to the 60’s to show design love just to get a chance to stand out. And that’s a pretty good thing, in my book! You’ve got the industry standard Aaron Draplin, with his “bold is beautiful” thick line extravaganza! You may know him as this guy…



But before Draplin, or any of the other retro design ninjas of the current world (most of which are from places like Oregon) started getting loose with their project guidelines, there were the big shots that led the way originally. People like Paul Rand (not the political guy), Wes Wilson, Victor Moscoso or Bob Gill.

Now, for the good stuff! Here are some amazing samples of work from a decade that kicked in with color!



Mark Twain’s dog is super regal.


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